What is the Texas Railroad Commission?

The Railroad Commission of Texas is the state agency that regulates the oil and gas industry, gas utilities, pipeline safety, safety in the liquefied petroleum gas industry, and surface coal and uranium mining. Despite its name, it ceased regulating railroads in 2005.

Wayne Christian
A "lifelong conservative businessman" and former Republican House representative.
Christi Craddick

"In the forefront of the newest wave of conservatives in leadership roles in Texas."

We decide in November!

The incumbent lost to a primary challengerā€”meaning this seat on the commission is UP FOR GRABS!


Amount by which methane is more potent than carbon dioxide


Tonnes of methane that could be released into the atmosphere by 2030


Value of natural gas the current RRC allowed to be flared in a single year


The last year a Democrat served on the Texas Railroad Commission

Why is this race so important?

Chrysta CastaƱeda

Democrat Chrysta CastaƱeda, candidate for Texas Railroad Commision

The New Republic called the race for Texas Railroad Commission ā€œthe countryā€™s most important climate electionā€ of this cycle. If elected, Chrysta CastaƱeda...

  • Could be the first Democrat elected statewide in Texas in 25 years.
  • Could be the vote on the Railroad Commission to stop wholesale consensus approval of flaring permits and demand detailed open hearings.
  • Could force transparency into the Railroad Commission and begin to demand better use of Texas natural resources and demand better public health safeguards.
  • Has the vision to bring new tech and manufacturing jobs to oil and gas regions.

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The Texas Railroad Commission regulates the oil and gas industryā€”not railroads. It is essential that we elect @chrystafortexas in the 'most important climate election in the country' (TNR). Get involved at chrystafortexas.com

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